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Calling it a night, sorry! But I'm exhausted!

Calling it a night, sorry!
But I'm exhausted!

I've been fighting off some bug since
returning to TN/KY last week.
First I thought it was a head cold, 
but then it moved to my chest and 
finally spent two days throwing up.

Today is my first day back on my feet.
Went to Walmart and picked up some
O.N.E. Coconut Water w/a splash of pink guava.

Thankfully the taste buds are still not up to par,
this stuff is NOT very tasty.
But it's a "good source of electrolytes",
so I'm hoping drinking this will make me feel
even better when I wake in the morning.

Tomorrow will be my last full day of posting
before the long awaited Superbowl Weekend!
Got things to do on Saturday and may not 
even open he laptop on Sunday!

Well, unless I find a great deal that is just
too good not to pass on!
Then you'll see a post, or two, from me.

I'll be up at early tomorrow morning,
be looking for a day full of posts!

I truly appreciate all the support, kind words,
and well wishes through what's been a 
difficult, at best, few weeks for me.

I am a truly blessed person for having
such amazing Frugal Friends!
Night All! <3