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Pyrex Storage Pus 18-Set, only $24.99 SHIPPED!

Pyrex Storage Pus 18-Set, only $24.99 SHIPPED!

I can't say enough about my Pyrex dishes.
I remember when I got them as a wedding gift
(first marriage 29 yrs ago)
I was afraid to break them.

But those bowls have traveled from one end of
the US to the other, literally.
I've never even chipped one!


The only bad thing I could find about this offer
is that it is just after Christmas and many of my
Frugal Friends haven't the means to buy it.
I could dig into my savings....
which I might, and make this a great giveaway!

What do you all think?
How about we get to 15,500 before this
sale ends (TODAY) and we'll pick a winner!
If it hits 15,500 today the 22nd comment on this
post will be the winner!
(Only post once please ladies)

Click HERE to see the
Pyrex Storage Pus 18-Set, only $24.99 SHIPPED!

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