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Popchips Potato Chips, only $13.33 for 24pk of 0.8oz bags!

Popchips Potato Chips, 
only $13.33 for 24pk of 0.8oz bags!

I remember a while back when Popchips had
a great coupon for $1/1 bag and I bought several.
I totally fell in love with the original flavored ones,
with dip made from fat-free sour cream and
Hidden Valley Ranch dip mix.

I don't usually post food deals from Amazon,
but this one was just too good to pass up.
They have original, barbeque, salt & pepper,
sour cream & onion and parmesan garlic in
the 24pk of 0.8oz bags....
perfect for snacking!

They have other choices in the
12pk 3oz bags,
but the prices are higher.

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you get FREE Super Saver shipping.
I use .edu from online college courses and
items have always arrived in two days, or less!

Click HERE to get your
Popchips Potato Chips, 
only $13.33 for 24pk of 0.8oz bags!

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