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My apologies for lack of posts yesterday.......

My apologies for lack of posts yesterday.......
and promise to do better today!

I've been struck with the most horrible
head cold I think I have ever had!
Went through two boxes of Kleenex.
Nose and upper lip are RED,
I'm pale white so it looks so great.  LOL

So far Advil Cold & Sinus seems to be
my only remedy that works.
But its doing nothing for the cough
that won't let me sleep.

Plus, due to my stuffy nose and
inability to breathe through it
I've been breathing through my mouth
and have HORRIBLY dry lips and mouth.
I've Carmex-ed the heck out of my lips,
I just need to figure out how to stay hydrated.

Home remedies?

I am back in Clarksville, TN.
Have TONS of errands today and
the last thing I need is this head cold,
so if someone can give me some help on
feeling better and still functioning,
I'd owe you big time!

Thank you all for your understanding,
I have the BEST Frugal Friends ever!

*This post is purely informational and is not meant to imply
any association or endorsement. 
There has been NO COMPENSATION to post it.
Just my own personal plug for Advil Cold & Sinus,
Kleenex (w/lotion) and Carmex.