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Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Beer Kit, only $24.99 shipped!

Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Beer Kit, 
only $24.99 shipped!

I think there isn't a man alive who hasn't
thought about brewing his own beer.
Heck, I knew a home brewer in Oklahoma
and if I were a beer drinker,
I'd think about this one myself!

Makes a great Valentine's Day,
birthday, anniversary or "just because" gift!

  • Beer brewing kit comes with everything needed to brew and bottle your first batch of beer, a good starting point for a beginning brewer
  • 4-Step instructions take you through the simple brewing process from start to finish
  • Reuse this kit again and again with Mr. Beer Refill Brew Packs, brew hundreds of craft beers you can call your own
  • Reusable keg holds 2 gallons of beer or about 16 pints
  • Shatter resistant keg is made from FDA compliant plastic, which imparts no taste or flavor migration. Also has wide mouth that allows for easy cleaning
  • West Coast Pale Ale with Booster brew pack (included) has all the ingredients you need to make 2 gallons of beer
  • Alcohol Content of a standard brew pack is 3.7% (equal to a standard commercial beer), but alcohol content of the beer is determined by the total amount of malt extract, sugars and fruit added to the beer mix. Experiment with new recipes to make beer that you want
  • Designed specifically to be carbonated in the bottle, no industrial CO2 cartridges are needed to provide pressure
In the box:
(1) Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Beer Kit includes:
  • (1) Brew Keg with Lid and Tap Assembly
  • (1) Standard Brew Pack
  • (8) Reusable Plastic 1-Liter Bottles with Caps
  • (8) Labels with Mr. Beer Logo
  • (1) Brewing with Mr. Beer Brewer’s Guide
  • (1) Easy to Follow 4 Step Brewing Instructions

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Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Beer Kit, 
only $24.99 shipped!

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