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FREE Mason Jar glass from Firefly Vodka! Must be 21!

FREE Mason Jar glass from Firefly Vodka!  
Must be 21!

Easy to get, must be 21.
Just click the box and enter the page,
then click on the "Featured Product" in
the lower left corner where it says
"Learn More".

You'll need to then enter your
name and email in the
"Join Our List" box.
It'll then ask you for your last name,
zip code and state you live in.

After you've signed up for their emails,
you'll need to sign up for
"Friends of the Fly".

You will get an email from Firefly that says:
 "We see you've been spreading the word for Firefly! 
In our books, that's worth a Firefly Mason Jar. 
Congrats, and keep on spreading the spirit!"

Be patient, it may take a bit before you
receive the email and you may even receive 
two emails concerning signing up

Click HERE to get your
FREE Mason Jar glass from Firefly Vodka!  
Must be 21!
It appears this offer is no longer valid,
they are all gone.
However, you can still sign up now so that you
can get in on future giveaways and promotions!
If link doesn't load, you may want to try again later.
Their page has been bombarded today!

*This post does NOT include an affiliate link.
It is purely informational and is not meant to imply
any association or endorsement.