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Fort Campbell High School JV Cheer Squad is in need of your vote!

Fort Campbell High School JV Cheer Squad
is in need of your vote!

We all know that as military families our children
often move quite a bit and don't get to
forge the same friendships as those who are
born and raised in the same town,
and school district, their entire life.

Fort Campbell High School JV Cheer Squad 
has had a great year and with a little help from you,
they will get $300 worth of uniforms!

It's super easy to help them win,
just go to the page and "like" their picture.
Right now they have 23 votes,
let's get this squad
as many votes as possible.

I'd love to see 300 votes for the girls,
so PLEASE share the link with all the
military friends and families you know!
Let's do this and show this squad that

Here's the email I received from Christie:
"Fort Campbell Cheerleaders contest on Facebook.
Just need to like their photo to help them win!
Their picture is Ft Campbell Cheerleaders JV.
These girls have worked so hard. 
It is so different being in a military school
with any kind of team sport. Kids come and go! 
It takes so much work to keep them going!
Please show them we support them! Vote! 
Re-post if you will on your Facebook page 
to help the girls get more votes.
Thanks so much!"

Click HERE to like the page and help the
Fort Campbell High School JV Cheer Squad with your vote!

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