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Five Ways to Know You're in a BAD RELATIONSHIP from Ask Ms. Vicki, thought you all would love this one!

Answering YES to any one of the 5 QUESTIONS below means you're in a BAD RELATIONSHIP.

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5. You can't see him very often because in his profession he travels a lot, or he's in the military on a COVERT assignment, or he works under cover for the CIA. This guy won't give you any information about where he works, what company he works for, or what type of job he does. Everything is a secret. Red Flag…warning, warning!

4. You've known him for only 2 weeks and he's already BORROWING MONEY from you. What's even more shocking is that you gave him the money! Giving him the money, means that you are so desperate, a true basket case. This guy is out for three things: to sleep with you and to take your money and run. However, don't be surprised if he surfaces again, but only runs out of money or options for his other needs.

3. He can't commit to you because he just got out of a bad relationship: if only he'd met you sooner, you would be the perfect angel sent straight from heaven. He's a GAME-ER. He does have a string of bad relationships and he's the common denominator. If you think "well I can change him," "I'm different and not like the other women in his life" or "he will commit to me", you are DEAD WRONG! In his relationships, it's all about HIM and not YOU!

2. He comes to your place late at NIGHT. His place is OFF LIMITS. Again, he's so busy with his covert job and undercover missions that he has to see you at night; it's for your own protection. Being out together during the day would be placing your own life at risk. He doesn't want anything to happen to you. Now, you're in hiding too! If you believe this guy, I have some ocean side property to sell you in Dallas Texas.

1. He won't introduce you to any of his family members or friends. Trust me, if you don't know any of his family or friends it's because he has a lot to hide, an enormous amount of skeletons in his closet just trying to get out. This guy is married with children, or he's in a relationship with you and several other women too.

This one just hit home so well that I had to post it.... nothing really hit as hard as #1.  His family lives in Chicago and although he frequently went to see them, I never met a one of them.  Not that seeing this list would have kept me from marrying him, but it sure does make you look back and say "DUH!"!  : )

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