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The Winners for ALL 11 Giveaways will be picked at 10:00am (CST)!

The Winners for ALL 11 Giveaways will be 
picked at 10:00am (CST)!

At 10:00am (CST) the number of
comments for each giveaway will be recorded.
I will then go through the entire list and,
using, choose the number of
the comment that is the winner.

Please understand that once I do that,
I must then go to each giveaway and
count to the comments (re-count and have
someone else re-count) to make sure it is the
correct number winning comment.

I then have to type up ELEVEN posts
for the winner, with the instructions to claim
the Gift (not all are the same).
PLUS, email the sponsor.

so I beg of you all to be PATIENT!
I will do them as quickly as I can,
but while doing my best NOT to make mistakes.

SO.... at 10:15 start looking for the first one!
Grab a hot cup of coffee and check back throughout
the rest of the morning!

Remember, this is for my Frugal Friends,
sponsored by our Fellow Fan Pages and
Small Businesses....
please be sure to thank them even if you
aren't a winner.
Be Frugal Friendly!

Have a blessed day all!