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Things about the Giveaways I may not have mentioned!

Things about the Giveaways I may not have mentioned!

I have the BEST fans in all of Facebook.
I love that you are loyal, interact with one another,
share my posts with others and
are so very understanding and patient.

That said, PLEASE do not be
offended when I say these things:

1) I have noticed my fans are "liking" the pages
in the giveaway and then "unliking" as soon as the
giveaway is done.  I ask you to please not do that.
I have so many "liked" pages on my personal page,
I can't even look at all of them in a week.
The wonderful sponsors of these giveaways 
deserve to remain on your list of pages you "like".

2) I am the person who picks the winner.
I am quite discouraged that I've received emails
claiming that my some believe it is "rigged".
The page admin for the giver has nothing to do
with it.  I use and I do a PrtSc and save it.
So if there are ever any questions,
I will be able to answer them without a doubt.

3) When I do these giveaways,
my page's relationship with my affiliates
suffers, a lot.... in other words, 
I get no compensation  from the blog. 
 But I do it to help others,
I can work extra hard later to recoup.
I want to help my fellow fan pages and
small businesses.... period.  
That's really the only reason I do these!

4) Please don't forget our sponsors of these giveaways!
They are absorbing the cost of the gift, shipping, and
the time it takes to stand in line at the Post Office these days. : )

I truly love my fans,
I do this to assist small business pages and
help those that could use some exposure.
No, I don't have giveaways from the big chain stores
or restaurants but even better....
I have giveaways sponsored by someone
who puts their heart and soul into their work
and does it to help support their family.

Have a great Christmas this year my
Frugal Friends!