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Subway Customer Appreciation Month, $2 6-inch Subs!

Subway Customer Appreciation Month, 
$2 6-inch Subs!

For the month of December 
you can choose between a 
6-inch Cold Cut Combo or
6-inch Meatball Marinara for only $2 each!

That's a great deal for when you're
on the go running errands,
just grab a Subway sub and 
eat on the go!

Plus, you can get a Subway Card
and just put money on it....
that way you don't even have to carry cash!

If you're anything like me, 
you never have cash on you!
I put EVERYTHING on a card,
helps me keep track of 
what I spend my money on and
where I need to cut back. 

Click HERE to check out
Subway Customer Appreciation Month, 
$2 6-inch Subs!

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