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Make your own bows with recycled magazines and papers! : )

Now that you have purchased most of your Christmas presents this year, it’s time to start wrapping them all and topping them off with beautiful Christmas bows. If you are feeling super crafty, you can save a few bucks on wrapping (well at least on the bows) if you make them yourself.
Get creative and use any sort of paper you have lying around. This time of year, we get all those magazines and ads from different stores that are bright or Christmas colors. Recycle those catalogs as soon as you are finished browsing. Or have your children draw an abstract design(or scribble) on a piece of paper in the color that most closely coordinates with your wrapping paper.
Here are the first steps…
  1. Cut a magazine page lengthwise into 9 strips, 3/4″ wide.
  2. Leave 3 of the strips the full length of the page.
  3. Cut 1″ off 3 of the strips.
  4. Cut 2″ off 2 of the strips.
  5. Cut the last strip down to 3 1/2″ long.
Twist each strip to form a loop at both ends and staple, tape or glue it in the center. Shape the last, short strip into a circle and secure it with a glue dot.
Layer the 3 longest pieces on top of each other, spacing them evenly and securing each with a glue dot. Add the next two groups of pieces, doing the same.
And finally, stick the loop into the center.
And you have a perfect festive bow.

The size of your bow will depend on the size of the paper you start with.  Also, use this when you have a wrapping emergency anytime of the year, not just at Christmas!
Thank you to the Frugal Friend who shared this with me anonymously via email.  I did a cut and paste, sure wish you had signed the email!  PLEASE FRUGAL FRIENDS, if you have great things to share, please sign your email.  I think it's only right to give credit where credit is due!  
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