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Dear Santa, Please bring me 15,000 fans before December 15th....

Dear Santa:

Please bring me 15,000 fans before December 15th so that I can give away a $100 Gift Card. I have been a good girl this year, -ok a pretty good girl, let's not get into specifics.  LOL

SOOOO... if my fans will all invite a family member or two this should be no problem.  As soon as I reach 15,000 the winner will be picked.

All my fans need to do is share this page with those they love. Facebook makes it impossible to do a giveaway with 15,000 fans in on it.  So, we've decided to do a scavenger hunt for the win!

Find five things I ask for and email me the five things at:  and you win the $100 Gift Card!

I think it should happen soon, we're so close. I want it to happen so that the winner can spend it for the holidays!

OH and Santa, I ♥ my Frugal Friends!

Please let them all have a joyous holiday, surrounded by those they love. And Santa, pray for those military families who will have an empty seat at the table.

The Frugal Army Wife