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Wholly Guacamole has responded to my email! :D

Wholly Guacamole has responded to my email! 

The picture above is from Wholly Guacamole 
featuring some of the great postcards/cards they got
from Military Families for the Goodie Bags!

Here is their response:


Thank you for contacting us & for your families service & sacrifice.  We did 
indeed post on our facebook a military promotion, one was for postings where we 
picked 20 and then the other was for postcards to be mailed in to Fresherized 
Foods 300 Burlington, Saginaw, TX 76179.  

What email address did you send your address to?  Was it possibly another 

All postcards that were in house by August 19, 2011 as noted in the facebook 
post were logged and sent a package. 
We sent out over 600 packages to military families from Hawaii to Alaska! 20 
coolers for the winners from the postings & the rest were wonderful letters, 
postcards, and pictures.  Please check out some of the pics from this amazingly 
heart warming promotion.

Thank you again for your note & happy Wholly Wednesday

If you have any questions or a follow-up, please respond back to this
email only.


It appears the reason I didn't get my goodie bag
is that I failed to enter for the Goodie Bag, 
I could have sent in a postcard,
but again I failed!

I sure hope my brain farts get
better with age.... but it looks like
they're getting worse with age.
I must carry a pen and notebook

My apologies to Wholly Guacamole!