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Stars and Stripes Holiday Messages 2011, send messages to your loved ones serving our country!

Once again, Stars and Stripes is here to help you send free Holiday Messages to your family and friends. Messages will appear online (and overseas in our print newspaper if you choose), so your loved ones will be able to see your message no matter where they’re deployed or stationed. (Messages sent to recipients located in the U.S. will only appear online and not in print.)

Sending a message is easy! Click Submit Message above and then select either Text or Picture Message. Enter your message and submit -- that's it. Once your message has been approved for publication, you can also search or browse messages by edition or recipient name. Click on the publication tabs below or the Find Messages button above.

Messages received by November 28 will appear in the newspaper edition of your choice (Europe, Mideast or Pacific) on December 17th. Any message submitted after November 28 will appear online only and not in print.

Submit a holiday message for your family and friends stationed or deployed overseas to find in the pages of Stars and Stripes !

THANK YOU JODY S. for sharing this,
and the Military Baby Shower information!

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