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Review & Giveaway: Sponsored by Allie Trevillian - Pampered Chef Independent Consultant

I've been asked to do a Product Review for
In exchange for my review Allie has provided me with
a Large Micro-Cooker, to review.
She has also provided a Large Micro-Cooker
to give away to a lucky Frugal Army Wife fan!
No other compensation has been given for this review.


First of all let me just say,
that it has been years since my last
Pampered Chef purchase. 
I had purchased a paring knife
(which was the only thing I could afford then)
in the mid 90's at a neighbor's Pampered Chef Party!

I loved that paring knife.
It never dulled, just kept cutting.
Went through four teens (two of which were boys)
using it to cut just about anything you can think of.
Still sharp and my FAVORITE knife.

After my hubby and I married and
we decided to move on post,
the movers moved everything but one drawer....
you got it, our kitchen drawer with all our knives.

I miss that paring knife!
It had one little knick in it,
probably from one of the boys using it to 
cut through metal (LOL).
But it was still as sharp as can be.
Hope the person who found it puts it to good use! 

SORRY... now onto what Allie sent me to review:
Large Micro-Cooker

Being that it is just my husband and I that 
I cook for, this cooker is PERFECT!
But it is definitely big enough to cook a 
side dish for a larger family.

I can tell you this,
not much more will be cooked on the stove
with the micro-cooker nearby!

I've steamed veggies, made ramen noodle soup,
cooked pasta, and I can't wait to think up some more
recipes to try in the cooker!
Watch out Wagner household,
Momma has ideas!  LOL

The favorite feature of this cooker is the 
"slide on" top.
I LOVED that when the veggies were done 
steaming (11 minutes on high), I could
remove the cooker from the microwave 
without potholders, drain the water and 
just add the cheese, replace the lid and voila!

Clean up was super easy too,
it's top rack dishwasher safe.
Oh, and I can't forget the measurements
marked on the inside of the pot!
Made making instant mashed potatoes a breeze!

The Pampered Chef is well known for their top-notch
 well-constructed, sturdy, LONG LASTING products!
I always thought they were just too expensive,
but looking through the catalog and on
the website I realize now they are more than worth
the investment in these quality products.

I am positive the winner of this
Large Micro-Cooker
is going to agree with me when I say,
this is a wonderful product and
well worth $11.00!

I'm really happy to see that
Pampered Chef has quite a few things
I could use at very reasonable prices!
This would make the PERFECT Christmas gift too!!

I know where I'll be doing my shopping next time
I am invited to a wedding shower or housewarming!


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