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PTSD: What is it?

PTSD:  What is it?

I have been an outspoken advocate for
PTSD since first finding out about it,
over 20 years ago
but moreso the last 10 years.

I was first connected to it by
battered women at a shelter.
Find it safe to say I was leery of it's existence,
even downright thinking some of 
these women were faking it.

More recently,
I spent over 5 years working in a 
Psychiatry Clinic, was there until 2009.
I still believe there may be some who "use" PTSD,
you can tell those who have it and how they suffer.

PTSD is REAL and as we see our Heroes
returning from War, 
we see more and more cases.

My advice to the loved-ones closest to
these heroes.... 
learn as much as you can,
listen when needed, and
ask no questions.

That't not easy,
but take it from someone who
has personally dealt with PTSD...
the key is patience and UNCONDITIONAL love.

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It is purely informational and is not meant to imply
any association or endorsement.
It is my personal opinion and based on experience.