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The Frugal Army Wife will have no new posts from Nov. 23 - Nov. 29!

The Frugal Army Wife will have no new posts
from Nov. 23 - Nov. 29!

First, just let me tell you all, I did NOT plan this,
it's ALL my husband's fault! LOL

My husband and I will share our Second Anniversary
on November 25, 2011,
aboard the "Love Boat" or at least our version of it.  

We married in front of a judge,
because making plans meant it would have to
wait until after the deployment.
I think A LOT of you can relate to that.

Last year on Thanksgiving Day,
it was on our FIRST Anniversary and
he was on a mission.
I filled our home with loved ones,
cooked a lot of food and did my best to
put on a smile.

But inside I was anxiously awaiting that
promised phone call.
It came.  Lasted less than 90 seconds.
Gotta love those satellite phones.
But it was long enough for me to feel
the day was finally complete.

This year....
he surprised me!

We are going on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico.
Snorkeling, shopping, dinner with the Captain and
a decorated suite for our "Happy Anniversary".

My husband (and ANYONE 
who has ever been in a car or on a plane with me)
knows that I am DEATHLY afraid of water.

Oh, I'll swim (we have a pool), I'll snorkel,
I'll scuba dive, anything....
except DO NOT expect me to be above the water.

Parasailing, only if I'm passed out.
Flying to Hawaii (six times),
only with prescribed meds and/or adult beverages. LOL
Driving over a bridge, ANY BRIDGE,
whoever is with me sees my white knuckles and 
often hears my frantic pleas to "HURRY" and get over it.

my dear Husband (LOVE YOU)
may spend the entire cruise with me clinging
to his arm, or leg. LOL
(Those should be the best pics, ROFL)

The long and short of it is that I will not have
access to the internet all the time.
I'm hoping to hop on daily and send 
photos and emails home if possible.

My mind is going to be with my hubby
and sharing our Anniversary together for the FIRST TIME!
I know I have the most amazing fans of any Fan Page on Facebook,
I feel like I know some of you personally because we interact
so well.  And then there are those that I do know personally,
who I wouldn't trade for the world (Stacey Platte-Kinney).

Please take the time, when you aren't spending it
with YOUR loved ones, to go back through the older
posts and see what is still available.
You may be surprised the things I posted weeks ago
that you can still get,
some even months ago!

I ♥ my Frugal Friends!

This is your first warning.....
I'll post a couple more, less lengthy,
before we depart!

Be sure to hug and kiss your loved ones and
if you are a Military wife spending the holiday without
your hero.... please know you are not alone!!
There are MANY Military wives out there who
will be saying a silent prayer for you,
because we've been there too.