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FREE Photo on Canvas for Deployed Military!

Canvas On Demand is offering a
FREE Photo on Canvas for Deployed Military!
They offer Operation Hi Honey! 
and Operation Hi Mom!

If you know a deployed soldier who will miss
a holiday (birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, etc.),
please share this link with them!
The soldier signs up and the loved one receives the canvas!

I know there have been many of you who had your
doubts about this offer.
That said, I want to share an email with all of you:
I wanted to share a picture of the canvas my husband created for me while he was 
deployed. I just received it today and it looks amazing! Thank you for posting 
so many awesome deals and freebies for everyone to enjoy!

Courtney H
Fort Polk, LA

Thank you Courtney for allowing me to share!

Click HERE to get this offer!

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