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FREE Christmas Trees for those in the Fort Campbell, KY/TN!

I'm passing this along for those located near
Fort Campbell, KY/TN:

Golden Pond, KY – Land Between The Lakes (LBL) National Recreation Area is again giving people the opportunity to get outdoors and get a tree by offering Christmas tree permits beginning December 1st for visitors to cut cedar trees.
The permit, valid December 1st-24th, entitles a family to cut one cedar tree at no charge. Permits, maps, and cutting guidelines may be obtained from the LBL Administrative Office, 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday through close of business on December 23rd. The Administrative Office will be closed Friday, December 24th, in observance of the Christmas holiday.
“Taking the family out searching for the perfect Christmas tree is a great holiday tradition,” says LBL Forester Dennis Wilson. “Cedar trees are usually found along roadsides or within old forest openings.”  The cedar tree program assists in promoting wildlife habitat diversity by maintaining open lands at LBL.
Cedar trees may be cut anywhere in LBL except areas within sight of US Highway 68 or The Trace, cemeteries, the Nature Watch Demonstration Areas, campgrounds, lawns or other mowed areas.
Whether families cut or purchase a tree, they should follow these safety guidelines when using a cut tree in their home at Christmas.
Cedar Tree
  1. Choose a fresh tree. If the needles are brown and fall off easily, the tree is dry and can easily catch on fire.
  2. When setting up your tree, cut the base off two inches above the original cut to help the tree absorb more water.
  3. Place the tree in a stable, tip-proof container and water it daily.
  4. Place the tree away from heat sources such as heating vents or wood stoves. 
  5. Be sure decorative lights are UL approved and in good condition. Never leave tree lights on while you are asleep or away from home. LED lights are a great way to save energy.
  6. Discard the tree when it begins to show signs of drying, such as brown or yellow color, and excessive needle dropping.
I hope that this helps those families that are in need of it.  
PLEASE let's not forget this is FREE and meant to 
help the families who are in need.  
We military families know that not only is money tight, 
but sometimes it's just not there, 
for whatever reason.  
If you know a family 
(this is good for Civilian and Military Families)
 who could benefit from this 
PLEASE forward this to them.  
This is the season for GIVING!  : )

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