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Adopt-a-Grandparent! Wonderful idea for those who have grandparents far from home!

This wonderful Adopt-a-Grandparent is
brought to you by our Frugal Friend and 
Fellow Army Wife,
Kasandra Gould!

To save time I am going to post her email here,
then put a link to the order form at the end!
Here you go:

It’s that time of year when we want to do something to help make the holidays special for people in our community. Our Mary Kay unit is adopting the residents at our local nursing homes and we want to present each of them with a special gift basket for Christmas. This may be the only gift some of them will receive this holiday. We are asking the businesses in the community to help us with this project by adopting a grandparent for Christmas. Your $10 will sponsor a pair a socks and lotion gift wrapped for one resident and enable them to have a Merry Christmas. All purchases are tax deductible. Your business card or name will be attached to the gift basket so they will know that it is a gift from you and your business. 

Thank you so much!

I am hoping all can purchase a set and those who own businesses can consider purchasing more.  Thank you.  My goal is to sell 100 sets and with me matching each set that would be 200 sets to donate.  If your business would prefer I donate to a nursing home local to you that is fine.  Just let me know and I will ship those sets to the nearest nursing home.

Come one Frugal Friends....
this could be your good deed of the day!
But wait.... you can do more than one good deed today,
because I have more to come!
So you'll have time to look them over
and decide to donate to all or one,
or just pass them along to friends and family
so they can do a good deed today!

Click HERE to print the order form,
mailing address is on it!

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