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$4/1 any Zyrtec 40ct or higher!

$4/1 any Zyrtec 40ct or higher!

I was able to print two of these coupons.

If you're lucky enough to have winter allergies,
like me (allergic to evergreens),
then this coupon will certainly come in handy!

Or maybe you're just allergic to 
all those wonderful relatives you only
have to see once a year.  
I had an Aunt who wore the same perfume
for her entire adult life,
and every year it caused an allergic 
reaction in at least a few of us children.

Click HERE to get your coupon(s) for
$4/1 any Zyrtec 40ct or higher!

The coupon is at the bottom left of the page.
Also, the $3 Visine coupon was no longer available when I tried.

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