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This one leaves me speechless.... what the heck?!?!

Man Attacked Wife After Not "Liking" His Facebook Status

A Texas man has been charged with battery
after he allegedly attacked his estranged wife
because she did not "like" his Facebook update.

Benito Apolinar, of Pecos, was arrested on Tuesday after fighting
with Dolores Apolinar at her home in New Mexico,
the Carlsbad Current - Arugs reports.

Police said Apolinar, 36, posted an update on his Facebook page
about the anniversary of his mother's death and
became angry after his wife, who he had recently separated from,
did not click the "like" button to show she
appreciated his comment.

Apolinar was allegedly drunk when he confronted his wife
of 15 years at her home while dropping off his children
on Tuesday night.

"That's amazing everyone 'likes' my status but you, you're my wife.
You should be the first one to 'like' my status,"
he allegedly told her.

The pair began to fight after Apolinar refused to leave the property,
and he allegedly punched his wife in the cheek
and pulled her hair.

Apolinar has pleaded not guilty and is due to appear in court on December 22.

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