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There seems to have been some confusion in connection with the Review & Giveaway.....

After some confusion about the 
I have decided to post them CLEARLY on a
page solely dedicated to those rules.

Before those rules are "officially" posted,
I am writing this short post to clear a few things up.

I had began these R&Gs to let other Fan Pages get
some exposure and let our Frugal Friends get some
wonderful FREE gifts!

No obligations whatsoever to the winner!
Other than to contact the Page Sponsoring the Giveway
and to contact Frugal Army Wife.

On our latest Giveaway we ran into a small problem,.
I did NOT clearly state in the rules of the giveaway that the
winner has 24 hours to contact BOTH FAW and the Fan Page
who is sponsoring the giveaway.

So, to be fair I gave the winner another 12 hours.
This meant I would need to stay at my desk,
in my office until at least 2130, with morning time in our
house coming at a delightful 0440.

Now, it was clearly my fault for not stating the 24 hour time frame
initially, so this was just one of those things I was going to need to
put my big girl pants on for.

From there is where it gets messy and the last thing I ever
want to do is to call someone out on something I have no
personal knowledge of.
Suffice to say I heard that MOMENTS before a new
winner was picked someone emailed someone (not me)
and said they new the original winner and would have her
make contact with that someone.


My email address and the emails of the fan pages participating
are CLEARLY posted on our pages.
What happened in those final moments that hadn't 
happened in the 36 hours before I am unsure.

However, my stance remains the same and
I promise to write CLEAR and UNMISTAKABLE
Rules and Regulations for the Review & Giveaway.
My goal is to have them up before posting our next R&G.

Have a great morning all and I sure hope
the new winner contacts both pages in her allotted

Have a blessed day!