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She said WHAT?!?! (a/k/a My Trip to Walgreens to fill prescriptions)

OK... back from the doc....

Stopped at Walgreens to fill some new prescriptions and
went inside so I could chat with pharmacist.
Our chat about meds went perfectly fine,
but then I looked down at the counter and saw a Petition.

I glanced over it and then asked the pharmacist if it were true
that Tricare was no longer going to be accepted at Walgreens. 

NOW WAIT... I hear a good many of you saying,
"That's what I told you"... because I did get quite a few emails.
I have emailed, called and even written (snail mail)
Tricare for verification..... NOTHING!   

The pharmacist said this:
"Our contract with Tricare has not yet been renewed.
It expires on December 31, 2011.
At this time we are still filling scripts and
will continue to do so right up until midnight
on December 31, 2011.
In an effort to get Tricare to hear the
voices of those it covers,
we have started a petition and
we encourage ALL those covered under 
Tricare to sign the petition!"

What are you waiting for?
Go to Walgreens and sign that darn
petition..... I did!  :)

And I just usually drive through for my meds,
unless I need to speak to the pharmacist.
Imagine those of us who plan shopping trips,
with coupon binder in hand and track shoes on,
making sure we get all we can for as little as possible...
while we wait for our prescriptions to be filled.  

I'll keep you posted on anything else I find
out about this.
Might be time to start looking for
a new pharmacy,
at least we have time to look around and
choose wisely.... right?!