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FREE Downloadable Soup and Hearty Stews Recipe Book!

FREE Downloadable Soup and Hearty Stews Recipe Book!

The weather has turned very chilly here in TN/KY!
All I can think about it sitting with a great big
bowl of HOT soup or stew!

I found this downloadable recipe book
and thought I'd share. 
Keep in mind, I download all my
recipe books, booklets, anything
that is downloadable for "FREE"
on a thumb drive.

This morning while looking for
freebies on the internet I hit on a link to
a website that I had gone to MANY times before.
In fact, it was for an offer I had posted on this
very page a while back.
I knew the offer was no longer available,
but thought perhaps it had been reinstated and
was once again open.
WRONG!  Immediately my virus protection
went off, it had found a "Trojan" virus!!
Needless to say I immediately deleted the page
that I had once felt was a "trusted" freebie and deal page.

I feel like this....
if the person who is posting the deals/freebies
doesn't take the time to go to the site themselves
and SEE that it is a legitimate deal free of viruses,
then the page isn't worth being on my list.
I do what I can to protect my Frugal Friends
from deals/freebies that may be less than genuine,
I can only hope other pages do the same.

TGIF my Frugal Friends!

Click HERE to get your
FREE Downloadable Soup and Hearty Stews Recipe Book!
(This link will take you straight to the PDF book.)

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