FREE Online Chore Chart

FREE Call from a Disney Princess!

FREE Call from a Disney Princess!

This one is super easy to sign up for!
If you don't have a little girl,
you can do this for your nieces,
granddaughters, and to really make things
fun you can do it for your coworkers...
male or female LOL!
(Watch out Barb, I know your work number!)

I was originally given this link as a "Birthday Call",
but when I went through all the steps it
didn't give me an option for a Birthday call.
It gave options for "great job" and "great helper" messages.
You pick whichever Princess you'd like,
and you can hear a sample of the call.

Special THANK YOU to our Frugal Friend
Jamie H
for sharing this awesome FREEbie with us via email!

Click HERE to sign up for your
FREE Call from a Disney Princess!

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