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$1.50/1 any Slim-Fast Shake Multipack!

$1.50/1 any Slim-Fast Shake Mulitpack!

It's been years since I've even tasted a
Slim-Fast shake, but I can remember a time
when my sister lost well over 50 lbs on Slim-Fast.

Back then I didn't need to lose,
I was an exercise fanatic.
So she went on Slim-Fast and
started walking with me three times a week.
Before long we were walking, or working out,
five times a week (my usual was 6) and she looked amazing.

So, I think I'm going to go grab me a couple of
these Multipacks and dig out my unitard,
leg warmers, headband and Jane Fonda workout tape.
Time to get serious!  : )

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