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Review and Giveaway for Scentsy!

I've been asked to do a Product Review for
In exchange for my review Andrea has provided me with
a warmer and scent bar for myself, to review.
She has also provided me with a
warmer (pictured above) and scent bar
to give away to a lucky Frugal Army Wife fan!
No other compensation has been given for this review.

I am new to Scentsy.
I have seen it all over the internet,
but I always backed away because I believed
it was far too expensive for my taste.

Instead, I continued to purchase my "cheap" candles,
oil warmers, reed diffusers, and sprays.
My favorite (which I will  use as a comparison) was the
Glade Scented Oil Candles, with glass holder.

For the purpose of this review I am using eBay
to do the comparison pricing.
eBay's pricing is quite a bit less than I have
paid for my Glade products in the past,
but it will give you some idea of the savings.

I received my box from Andrea on Monday, August 29th.
Immediately I opened the box and plugged in a warmer.
This was a HUGE plus for me,
I finally had found a plug in warmer that I was able
to use in the on-post housing.
Here at Fort Campbell all of our wall outlets
are installed upside down, with the third prong being on the top.

I was so happy to see that I could just plug the
warmer into our wall outlet and turn it,
without having to remove the plug housing and
try to change the position of the plug.
Point 1 for Scentsy!

I opened a bar of Scentsy's "Happy Birthday".
Broke off one small brick from the top of the bar
and placed it in the warmer in my office.
I went back to working on the page and
got so busy I didn't even think about the warmer
again for quite some time.

My husband came home from work and commented
on the smell, he said it smelled like a cake baking.
Keep in mind, my office is a bedroom off of our
hallway so the scent could be smelled all the way
out in our living room, where he was seated.
Which surprised me, because the warmer box said
it was perfect for "small" areas.

I turned the warmer off that day after about six hours of use,
the scent was in the air for a bit after I shut it off.
The next time I used the warmer was several days later,
I took it from the office and put it in the hallway,
hoping it would spread into the bedrooms and bathroom.
Much to my surprise, the ENTIRE house soon smelled
like I was baking a sweet birthday cake!
Point 2 for Scentsy!

The smell was so great in our house that it left
my hubby and I craving cake! : )

I have used my warmer for approximately 26 hours total,
still using the first brick of scent I put in and it still smells heavenly!
I am certain I will get at least 30 hours, probably more.

Here's my comparison breakdown:
Scentsy - Warmer $20 + Bar $5 = $25
Glade - Warmer + 8 refills = $5
Scentsy bar has 8 bricks, each lasts
approximately 30 hours (mine will last longer)
and freshens my entire house.
Glade oil candle lasts 2-3 hours* per refill
and it takes at least four candles placed throughout
the house to get the same scent filled air
that the Scentsy warmer provides.

For $25 I get the Scentsy Warmer and Bar
for a minimum of 240 hours of great scents,
plugged into my wall and away from furbabies (and/or little ones)!
Or I can get 5 Glade Oil Candle Holders with
40 Oil Scented Candles for a maximum of 120 hours,
sitting on a counter-top or table with an open flame,
which is not safe for furbabies and little ones.
Point 3 for Scentsy!

Hmm, $25 for at least 240 hours of a great smelling home
or $25 for no more than 120 hours of open flame in several
spots in my home to get the same results.

I honestly cannot think of any reasons that
Scentsy is not the best deal.
Cheaper, safer, and a much bigger variety of scents.
Plus, if I gather my friends and family or send out invites online,
I can get FREE Scentsy products!
That's just a win-win situation, sharing this great
line of products with friends and family and getting FREE stuff!

I am a Scentsy Lover and will be from here on out!
Get ready Andrea, you get to support my new habit. LOL

The giveaway will be fun and easy.
You will go to Andrea's Facebook page and "like" it,
then find the Discussion topic that says FAW.
Then leave a comment in the topic with your favorite scent!
Does NOT have to be your favorite Scentsy scent,
just what you love to smell most!

On Wednesday morning, at 10:00am CST,
the giveaway will be closed, comments counted and
using a number will be chosen.
The person who left that number comment will be
the winner.

Please be sure you have your settings set so that you 
do NOT get an email notification every time someone
posts a comment, otherwise you will get MANY
email notifications and I don't want to see that happen.
Once the giveaway is over you can go back and re-do
your settings on your FB page.

The winner will be notified by a post on FAW
and a post on Andrea's page,
with instructions on how to claim your prize.

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