FREE Online Chore Chart

List of Sale Items at your local Commissary, includes list of upcoming Case Lot Sale!

List of Current Sale Items at your
local Commissary!

Plus, you can find a list of the items
that will be at this weekend's
case lot sale here at Ft. Campbell.

You will have to sign in using your
soldier's SSN and DOB.

Also, it is VERY important that you do NOT
post the commissary prices on the Internet!
Please read the "Caution" below.

Click HERE to check out your local Commissary's
current sales and Case Lot Sales.
Once on the page, click on "View" under
Promotional Prices.


DoD Instruction 1330.17 prohibits the dissemination of commissary product prices in or on any media intended to leave the commissary store. Product prices displayed on this web page are provided solely for the benefit of commissary patrons and are not intended to leave this "virtual commissary." Sharing of these prices or price lists with others not authorized to shop in the commissary, or sharing them with someone who intends to publish them in a manner inconsistent with DoD Instruction 1330.17 may be considered to be an abuse of commissary privileges and may subject the patron to the penalties outlined in the Instruction.
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