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Fort Campbell's Post-Wide Yard Sale is this weekend!

Fort Campbell's Post-Wide Yard Sale is this weekend!

Fall Post -Wide Yard Sale
October 1st
8:00 a.m.—3:00 p.m.

Start sorting through your closets and garage.
Gather toys, books and clothes that
you or your children have outgrown, or anything
you would like to get rid of.


When the sale is over and you still have things left,
for those who don't wish to donate them...

You not only get local exposure,
SargesList goes WORLD-wide!

While you're there posting your things
on SargesList,
look around never know what you'll find!
You may find a great deal that
"You just can't live without!"

Click below to see a list for each of the Base-Wide Sales:

- Ft. Campbell list of homes participating in the 
Fall Post-Wide Yard Sale on Oct. 1st!

- Ft. Sill information on the Post-Wide
Garage Sale on Oct. 1st!

- Ft. Riley's information on the Post-Wide
Yard Sales on Oct. 1st!
(8th one on their list)

Click HERE to check out!

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